Be sure vehicle is placed on jack stands prior to testing! Make sure vehicle will only start in neutral or park position. All adjustments are critical and precise and must be made with shifter and transmission in neutral (N). Check several times to make sure that everything is functioning properly prior to operating. Do not mix components (ALL PARTS INCLUDING CABLE MUST BE MRC INC.). When shifter is removed and reinstalled it must be checked and re-adjusted. Always check cable for freedom of motion before connecting at shifter and transmission arm. Routing of cable, you should avoid sharp bends or permanent damage will occur. Installation of Quarter Pro Shifter on powerglide transmission eliminates throttle pressure control linkage commonly referred to as the (KICKDOWN VALVE). Powerglide installation of the Quarter Pro Shifter is for race track use only! Under no circumstances is this shifter to be used in a vehicle that is operated on a public highway or street. MALAVE RACING COMPONENTS INC. will not be held liable for any direct or consequential damages resulting from improper use of this unit. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in malfunction of shifter operation. Damage to cable due to sharp bending or kinking is not covered by warranty.

Quarter Pro Shifters are upgradeable from the manual shift model to the Air shift model or Electric shift model by simply removing the screws that hold the bracket allowing you to change shifting options, no other shifter allows you to do that.

*Limited Lifetime Repair Warranty On Main Body Only*


!IMPORTANT! Do not allow any foreign matter (dirt, metal chips etc.) to enter transmission or contaminate any internal parts. If necessary wash parts in solvent and blow them dry with compressed air.

1. Use hacksaw to cut protruding parts of transmission away to allow clearance for cable bracket installation. Clean all metal chips away from transmission before removing oil pan. Remove all stock linkage. Drain transmission then remove oil pan.

2. Remove two screws that fasten detent guide plate to release tension on the detent roller.

3. Loosen screw that fastens the extension spring anchor plate to release tension on the detent roller.

4. Loosen socket head cap screw that fastens the throttle pressure actuator (for transmissions that have throttle pressure control.) NOTE: Installation of the solid control shaft supplied with this kit in Powerglide transmission eliminates throttle pressure control. See warning on this instruction sheet. Grasp the actuator and pull the throttle pressure control shaft out of transmission control shaft. Stock transmission control shaft is now ready for removal.

5. The flat area on the end of the solid control shaft fits within the span of the serration’s in the detent plate. Loosen socket head cap screw that fastens detent plate to control shaft. Grasp detent plate carefully to keep it in position as you withdraw original shaft and replace it with the solid shaft. Detent plate is linked to PARK lock actuator plunger. Take care to keep this assembly in position while exchange of control shafts is accomplished. You must hold detent plate in position with one hand while you remove original shaft. *IMPORTANT* When installing the solid shaft make sure that the lever is pointing towards the top of the transmission. Stud pin in detent plate must engage the groove in the manual valve. Tighten socket head cap screw to fasten detent plate to control shaft. Align detent roller with detent plate, then tighten anchor plate screw to restore tension to tension spring. Replace detent guide plate. Rotate detent plate through full travel to prove correct assembly.

ON STOCK OIL PAN 6. Make cuts with hacksaw. Break away small length between cuts. Flatten tip of flange between the extreme cuts with ball peen hammer . Inspect reworked arera of oil pan flange. Gasket mating surface and areas around bolt holes must be flat. Use ball peen hammer to peen flange fist (with pan properly supported on anvil etc.) Clean pan thoroughly in solvent. Install oil pan with new gasket. Make sure that the cable bracket is installed pointing towards the top of the transmission. Tighten all bolts evenly. Install fresh transmission fluid.

WIRING SOLENOID * Refer to your Rpm activation switch instructions.